Christmas Family Gifting

November, 2011

Opening Christmas presents hasn’t changed much in decades.  A child gives a blank stare when he opens socks thinking it is a toy, a teenager refuses to be seen wearing “that” and someone always compares the price of their present to the one they received.  By the time Christmas Day is over and interest in your gifts wane, you start to wonder why you went to all the work and expense.

Even when we receive a great gift, the satisfaction may be short lived.  Deep inside we know that there must be something more.  Is the glitter a substitute for the things people really need and want?

If you recall, our gifting flows from God’s gift of Jesus.  The words of the angel to Joseph tell it all, he will save his people from their sins.  God’s gift had a specific purpose, to remove the barrier which existed between God and his creation.  He gave a Gift which met the deepest craving in our souls with forgiveness and grace.

Before driving to the store this season, consider going to your knees first.  Review with the Lord the needs or barriers unique to each family member and seek His wisdom for what they need from you.  Don’t be surprised if you receive some heavenly nudges.

Do they need more compliments, some time alone to chat, understanding with a misunderstanding, fewer suggestions, babysitting for a relaxing trip, periodic notes of encouragement, forgiveness for a deep pain, acceptance of their uniqueness or a bold act of loving grace which only you can provide?  Deep inside you may know what to give but struggle with the price.  Push your fears aside, wrap it up and give it away.

Aren’t you glad that God’s Gift was more generous and gracious than we deserve?  His Gift changed the world and yours might do the same.  Just imagine the expression on their faces when your gift is unwrapped!

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Thoughts from Readers

Hi Ron,

Great thoughts and a good challenge heading into this Christmas season.

Personally speaking, I have found over the past few years the gift giving/commercial aspect of Christmas troubling, and pretty much pointless where it concerns adults. Giving my Dad a new golf bag or a DVD, I don't think that is really the best way to show my love and gratitude.


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