Help for Families

What better gift could you give your children or grandchildren than a love for the life and ministry of Jesus? Too many children grow up with an expectation to believe and follow Christ when in reality they have never been given the opportunity to get to know Him. In the rush of life, He has been pushed aside. The Jesus Passages can help change that.

Every Jesus Passage is written to foster interaction…

Get started: The Jesus Passage will benefit couples, families and extended families. Here are some ways you can pass on the legacy of Jesus to those you love.

1. Simply read one or two of the passages together and follow the questions and comments provided for you. Someone could keep a journal for the group or everyone could write their own.


2. Assign a passage to different family members and ask them to lead the group through that part of the discussion. This will foster ownership and spiritual leadership skills in addition to knowledge of the ways of Jesus.


3. Read the Jesus passages in private and email your journal comments to each other. Then, when you come together, discuss what you have learned from everyone’s comments.

Please send us other suggestions and your successes!