Empowering Communities

August 2011

Can we really change people?  If the truth were known, genuine transformation is driven from within.  Eventually, people will resist our controlling pressure and follow their inner empowerment.  Thankfully, churches have a God-given resource--the Body of Christ.

Your church is a community containing God’s power to shape lives.  When believers work in groups, they share truth, discover new choices and sense accountability.  The Lord uses the influence of a community to touch the deep passions of a soul and create a fresh wind of empowerment to love God and serve people.

Just think how . . . 

      Groups help people do things they may not do on their own.


Want to unleash God’s power of community?

  1. Shape ministries around empowering communities, not individuals.
  2. Learn from other churches that mobilize groups.
  3. Measure your success by the number of communities created.
  4. Celebrate the ways God empowers your people.


                                            Life gets better together!



Click below and record your reflections:  How have you seen a small group bring change or empowerment in your life? 

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